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Motivation, Momentum & More: My Results with the Magic Spreadsheet & Why You Should Try It

Originally posted on The Practice of Creativity:
I admit it—I’m crushing hard. Two months ago, I wrote about a free motivational tool called ‘The Magic Spreadsheet’ developed by Tony Pisculli.…

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1,000 Posts in 1,000 Days? It all started with a 30-Day Challenge.

1,000 Posts in 1,000 Days? It’s possible. No sitting, we’re moving here, moving forward.

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52 Stories

52 stories in 52 weeks and he challenges us to write all bad ones?

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Breaking old habits and making new ones.

Originally posted on Hooks, Books, and Funny Looks:
For the past few years or so, I’ve been meaning to get into blogging. Properly blogging, not just repeating quotes that I…

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1% or 99% is still a chance. All you need is 1.

A Chance of Rain is Still a Chance

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28 Seconds, 4 Eyes, 0 Words

Do you seek a more meaningful connection with those you love?

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What You Wish For Versus What You Want

There’s a difference between what people want and what they wish for.

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Eat Healthier, Lose Weight, and Save Money … with One Machine

It’s not just a diet change, it’s a lifestyle change.

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WordPress Hosting: Shared vs. Managed (Apples to Apples)

Looking for an “Apples to Apples” comparison of shared WordPress hosting and managed WordPress hosting?

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Why Gluten Free?

Bread, pasta, tortillas, granola, muesli, crackers … it’s what you eat everyday. How can you give that up? And why bother?

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