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The Meaning of Life. Found It!

Was reading an article in Forbes, of all places, and found the meaning of life in the last line of an ancient Chinese proverb. Agree? Disagree? The Meaning of Life: Found!

Now that we got that taken care of, I can get back to important stuff like, uh, hmm, well …


One comment on “The Meaning of Life. Found It!

  1. londenberg1
    April 19, 2013

    capital cities is playing my song “Safe and sound” anyhow the meaning of life is in everything, it all evolves around us, the seed into a fruit tree, our minds & bodies aging, accumulations of material items but only to watch rust & time destroy them.

    as others around us pass away, we realize that what was truly important was the relationships that we had with them, the memories of friendship or jumping off of river town bridge into icy water. we realize that love, friendship is priceless & once that person is gone, what good was gaining all the wealth that ive accumulated.

    as new memories become volunteering & giving to charity while pictures fade & memories fade & the realization becomes what have I wasted all this time on. I wasted it to accumulate but not to mend. I wasted it on destroying but not sharing. I wasted it on making a point that I was right in that argument but who knew that he passed away days later.

    we all will realize that our lives are like that of a glass bottle filled with sand & eventually it will all be used up. So id say do good, volunteer & grab others with you to becoming volunteers & charity, call up old friends & family members, mend the broken relationships & if they don’t accept you shake the dust from your feet & move on to the next one, heck do what I do, just show up, yep that’s me, im that kinda guy. so hey, where u been, I aint heard from you, what u got to eat in the fridge, good deal, lets grab a bite to eat, come on, the taxi is waiting.

    sincerely from the fantasy writer of “LondenBerg by Lord Biron”

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