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200 Posts in 200 Days

I’m in the middle of it, so I don’t realize what’s going on. But someone told me they were amazed that I did it.

When you’re in shape and running you don’t notice that you’re running. When you’re in the middle of a good book, you don’t notice what page you’re on. When you’re writing every day, 200 Posts in 200 Days is just par for the course.

I started out with a teensy Write Every Day Challenge for 30 days. Looking back, seems like a walk in the park. Are you ready for the big secret? The hard part is when you hit 200 (or even 30 or 100) and it sounds like an achievement–it is an achievement. But the easy part, the actual secret, is that all of that “big achievement” is built up of “bite-size achievements.” It’s all just Bite-Size Change.

What happens when you post 200 Posts in 200 Days? Lots.


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