Pass the Sour Cream

Usually, you have a choice. It's your choice.

Breaking old habits and making new ones.

This is how I define success: something I did helped someone else do something they’ve been wanting to do.

Hooks, Books, and Funny Looks

For the past few years or so, I’ve been meaning to get into blogging. Properly blogging, not just repeating quotes that I like. And every single time, I don’t follow through. There’s always an excuse, a reason not to. Something that I tell myself to make me feel less bad about giving up each time. My intentions are good, if you looked at the pile of abandoned drafts on my drive as evidence. (Although I’d much rather you didn’t; there’s a good reason why they never made it past that stage.)

In case you haven’t worked it out already, this is the habit I’m trying to break.

So after reading this article today, I’ve decided to replace it with the habit of writing every day. Or at least, having a ruddy good go of it. The thing that’s been holding me back, I think, is fear. Fear of being judged…

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