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Foreign Language Camp for Your Kids? Think about Camp in a Foreign Language.

The language isn’t the goal, it becomes a tool to achieve something else. It’s a means to an end.

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How is Home Exchange Like a Box of Chocolates?

But if an element of the unknown, a dash of surprise and a hint of excitement is more your cup of tea, home exchange might be that variety box of chocolates you’re looking for.

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Want to teach your kids geography? Pull out the map.

They were interested because we were there, were actually on the map we were looking at.

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Bringing Your Target Audience to Life Will Pump Life into Your Brand

Want to be in a constant conversation with the very customer you’re trying to reach?

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Live as though you might not know what tomorrow will bring–even if you probably do.

If a book is predictable, you’ll probably put it down. If travel is like that, you’ll probably go home. What if your life is like that?

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Is there good WiFi in Europe?

Maybe even better than switching out the SIM card is a mobile hotspot for Europe.

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Want to Gain Writing Confidence? Block (Most) Outside Influence.

Can you do it? It’s hard. Block all outside “input” and focus on your “output.”

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Can I bring my old iPhone to Europe?

Bring your old smartphone to Europe and get a new SIM card and it’ll be your local phone.

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A 30-Second Earlobe Massage Might Get You Back Your Sleep

Tired but wired? Can’t get to sleep? Do you have 30 seconds? It might save you hours of missed sleep.

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The (Secret) Math of Generosity

What’s the “mathematical equation” for giving and getting? Hint: it’s not zero and it’s not negative.

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